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We define and grow businesses through research and strategy to create meaningful identities that make your business unforgettable. Connect with your audience and make a name in a crowded market.

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The little agency that delivers big results

Red Kite is a small but mighty creative studio based in Brisbane, Australia, specialising in brand strategy and identity design.

When you think branding, you think logos. Of course, we love a good logo, but that’s just the tip of the identity iceberg. We offer a full spectrum of identity and graphic design services both nationally and internationally to put your business on the map.

Working with Red Kite means complete dedication to a strategy and visual identity that supports your business goals. We’re just as excited about your brand as you are, and we can’t wait to see what challenges you have for us.



Check out what we can do for your business

We’re proud of the identities we create, and our clients love them too. Read some of our success stories to get a taste of what Red Kite can do for you.


Does your business' identity tick all the boxes?

A brand should embody your values, speak to an audience, and create an instantly recognisable identity, while looking great and complementing your marketing collateral across the board. That’s a tough ask.

Red Kite can make sure your identity does all this and more.


Strong Identity

A brand that resonates with your audience and sets you apart from your competitors is a must. It should be distinctive, create a lasting impression, and be consistent across your online and offline marketing.

Audience Focus

Audience Focus

While your identity should shout about who you are, a huge part of great branding is telling your audience what they want to hear. An in-depth understanding of your customers and their pain points will create a stronger connection and lead to more sales.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

What’s the mission behind your company? This should influence every piece of content you create and the messages you share with your customers. Developing a goal-orientated strategy is a great foundation for continued business growth.

Clear Values

Clear Values

What makes you stand out from others on the market? Why would people choose you over a competitor? Define what makes you different and embrace it. Make sure your audience knows exactly what you stand for and what they can expect.

Consistent Voice

Consistent Voice

The tone of voice you use in any and all communications should be appropriate for your market and consistent with your visual identity, no matter how incidental the message. Great communication will help you to engage with your audience and create loyal customers.

Engaging Story

Engaging Story

People connect with stories. They are a powerful tool for capturing attention and building trust. From the history of your business to your core values and dreams for the future, your story is as unique as you are, so share it.



Your brand is our business

We’re always happy to talk about business identities. Whether you know exactly what you want or you’re looking for an expert opinion, there’s nothing we want more than to discuss your ideas with you.
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A brand turns a product or service into a human experience

Your brand is your most valuable asset. It creates an emotional bond, promotes customer loyalty, and defines a lifestyle that your audience resonates with or wishes to aspire to. When used to its fullest potential, a strategically designed identity is the secret to lasting business success.

Believe it or not, your business' identity already exists. It’s our job to work with you to get to the core of what that identity is, and how to share your story with the world.

LG Sketching

A logo you’re proud of

Your logo is the face of your business, so it should be something you’re proud to put your name on. We’ll design a simple, distinctive and effective logo to make you stand out in your industry and attract the right kind of attention.

LG Branding

An unforgettable visual identity

Visual identity design is a huge part of marketing and business growth both online and off. We’ll develop a memorable identity across all touchpoints so your business looks its best no matter where your customers find it.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy for the future

Our branding and identity design service is rooted in strategy from the very beginning. We get to grips with the how, what, why and who to make sure every design decision is made with your goals in mind.


Our brand identity design process

We don’t mean to brag, but we’ve got branding down to a fine art. To ensure the process is super straightforward for our clients, we’ve broken it up into six easy steps.


01 Enquiry

Contact us online, request a quote or email to let us know a little bit about what you’re after.

Discover Session

02 Discovery session

We’ll have a good old chat about what makes your business tick so we know exactly what you need. We’ll talk competitors, target audience, business goals, and your place in the industry to inform our strategy and design decisions.


03 Action plan

Once we’ve gathered this information, we’ll form a plan to create and perfect your identity. This goal-driven design strategy puts your business needs at the heart of your identity, creating direction and focus.


04 Logo design

Your logo is a fundamental part of your overall visual identity. Our design team will develop a distinctive, versatile logo that simply oozes your core values. We’ll make sure it’s a design that you love, and that your customers will love too.


05 Identity design

We’ll then work our design magic on everything your brand touches, from digital assets to printed materials. This dedication to detail will ensure that every element of your identity is consistent, recognisable and simply breathtaking.

Brand Strategy

06 Brand strategy

Future proofing your business identity is important to make sure your new assets are used correctly now and in the years to come. We’ll provide you with a strategy document and guidelines so everyone in the organisation can master your brand.

Find out more about what goes into creating each and every one of our identities. Our passion and attention to detail is what makes Red Kite Design the best creative agency Brisbane wide.


    Highly recommend investing in a professional service like Chris' - worth every penny

    After trying several designers that weren't quite hitting the mark, I was so happy I was referred to Chris. He was the first one who took the time to pick up a call and get a solid understanding of what I was looking to achieve, communicated openly and professionally throughout the whole process and worked efficiently to get a beautiful job done in only a couple of weeks. And that's with my slow responses as I couldn't decide what I liked, due to everything he produced being fabulous. Not a bad problem to have lol. Highly recommend investing in a professional service like Chris' - worth every penny.

    Carina - Carina Chirila Fitness
    Google Stars

    I really enjoyed working with Chris and would highly recommend him to others

    A big thank you to Chris for all of his hard work, guidance, support and patience. I came to him with a small vision and he really ran with it and went above and beyond. Chris made the whole process run smoothly and nothing was too much trouble. I really enjoyed working with Chris and would highly recommend him to others.

    Lauren - Little Generation
    Google Stars

    Working with Chris has been a pleasure and the results are spectacular

    TrussCorp employed the services of RedKite to help us with a complete re-brand of all our material over the last six months. Working with Chris has been a pleasure and the results are spectacular. We could not recommend him more highly. His skill, creativity and speed are all amazing and he couldn't be more accommodating or helpful.

    Rob - TrussCorp
    Google Stars


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We understand how hard it is to pick the right agency. Here’s what makes us different.

Goal Orientated

Goal orientated

Whatever the size of your business, we encourage you to dream big. Your new brand identity will be underpinned by your business goals and audience needs, helping to drive success and unlock your next exciting chapter.



We offer a reliable service that puts your needs first. Our work is of the highest standard, and we take pride in delivering it on time, every time. You’ll never struggle to get hold of us; we’re always just a phone call away.

Personal Service


Right from the beginning, we work in partnership with you. You are an integral part of your brand, so getting to know you and your business helps us to design a brand strategy that reflects your personality and captures what’s really important.

Straight Talkers


We hate jargon just as much as you do. In all our communications, we try our best to speak simply and just get to the point. It’s our job to distill the complexities of branding into everyday language that gets you excited about the end result.



The business landscape is always changing, and adaptation and innovation are key to success. We keep our finger on the pulse to ensure the designs we create and products we offer meet the needs of the modern marketplace.



When it comes to keeping our clients happy, the extra mile simply isn’t far enough. We value the trust that our clients place in us, and we’ll always endeavour to make that investment worthwhile. We love what we do, and we want you to love it too.


Your brand is our business

We’re always happy to talk about business identities. Whether you know exactly what you want or you’re looking for an expert opinion, there’s nothing we want more than to discuss your ideas with you.
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