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Red Kite is a small but mighty creative studio based in Brisbane, Australia. We are passionate about all things design, specialising in branding, logos & identity.
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Why is a Logo so Important?

First Impression

First Impressions

A potential customer takes less than 3 seconds to decide if they will invest any more time in a company’s products or services. A logo is often the first thing they see and the basis on what this decision is made. Making a great first impression is extremely important!


There is more choice available to consumers than ever before. A logo is a way to stand out from the crowd, to stay a step ahead of the competition and draw the spotlight in a crowded marketplace. Grab the attention of prospective clients with a logo that is appropriate, simple and distinctive.
Brand Foundation

Brand Foundation

When done well, a good logo is the first and most important building block of a company’s entire brand. All elements of a business’s branding should be consistent and cohesive. The best way to ensure this is to start from the logo up!
Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty

If a customer associates your logo with a positive memory, and even better, a positive feeling, they are even more likely to remember you and find you again. Once trust is established people will seek you out. Your logo is their way-finder!
Invest to Save

Investing Now, Saves Later

Going with a quick fix, or sticking with a poorly designed or inappropriate logo may in fact lead to costs in the future that could have been avoided. Future rework, rebrands, amends and inconstancies can all be avoided with a well considered brand mark.


A logo is an important credibility anchor for any business. It shows that a company is professional and well established. To not have a logo at all can give the opposite impression, that a business is disorganised, inexperienced or even untrustworthy.
Make sure you have a logo that ticks all the boxes!
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Freelance Logo Design Brisbane 

Red Kite Design is founded by Chris Harris, a graphic designer with a wealth of professional experience working with companies of all shapes and sizes, from long standing corporates to fledgling start-ups.

Chris is passionate about helping brands build unique identities, through beautifully crafted design, and carefully considered brand strategy. Communicating the correct brand message is key to a company's success, and ensures you attract your desired target market.

Inspired by great logo designers like Aaron Draplin, Paul Rand and Michael Bierut our brand identities are conceived through a thorough and refined design process, each tailored to a client's unique requirements. Our goal is to create a logo tailored to you that is simple, memorable, versatile and timeless.
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Red Kite Logo Monogram

“Logo and brand identity design is an integral part of any successful business and, when done correctly, will make a business more profitable.”


The Logo Design Process

Red Kite Logo Enquiry

01 Make an Enquiry

Get in touch or request a quote through our online contact form, or by emailing with the details of your enquiry.
Red Kite Logo Brief

02 Create a Brief

In order to make sure Red Kite can create the perfect logo for your requirements, a questionnaire will be sent to help generate a detailed brief.
Red Kite Logo Research

03 Research & Exploration

Using the information provided,  we take an in depth look into the business, competition & target market to create a logo unique to each client.
Red Kite Logo Design

04 Design Generation

This is an organic process of mood boards, sketches, experimentation, digitising and refinement, until 3 great concepts are formed.
Red Kite Logo Presentation

05 Presentation

Concepts are then pitched, but the final decision will be up to you. If required, changes can be made ensuring all the logo's objectives are met.
Red Kite Logo Handover

06 Handover

Once happy with the final design, files will be finalised ready for use online & in print, as well as a usage document to help you get the best out of your new logo.

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  • Jamie DickinsonGoogle Stars
    I can’t recommend working with Chris enough. Prepare to be challenged, inspired and ultimately very satisfied with any project you choose to task him with. Unruly Apparel simply isn’t what it is without Chris and for that I can’t thank him enough!



    Jonny TestaGoogle Stars
    Chris took the time to carefully listen to our needs and provided a multi stage solution that enabled us to hone in on the ideal logo. By the end we were extremely pleased with the brand he had created for us and Chris' patience throughout the process.



  • Kristy BurrowsGoogle Stars
    I can't thank Chris enough for putting so much thought and effort into the branding of my business, not to mention his efficient and friendly nature making this a very pleasurable and fun experience.



    Dave SharpeGoogle Stars
    Thanks to Chris we ended up with a cracking logo that we’re proud to call our own. If we’d gone with a ‘yes-man’ or more impersonal service I dread to think what we might have ended up with. With the skills and guidance of Chris I’ve got four blokes here who are all absolutely made up with the end result.



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