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We don't just design logos. We build brands.

There are many levels to defining and developing a successful brand, extending far beyond the logo itself. As well as logo design, we also offer full identity design and brand strategy services, helping businesses to create and maintain memorable, appropriate and successful identities, tailored to your own set of unique circumstances and requirements.

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Logo design

We strategically design unique, memorable and industry appropriate logos, helping businesses stand out in an increasingly crowded market place.

LG Branding

Brand identity design

We build on your logo to create custom designed identity systems, ensuring everything your brand touches is consistent, appropriate and looks great!

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy

We delve beyond aesthetics to truly define your brands DNA. What is your purpose, who is your audience & how do we create your brands personality?


What is a Red Kite anyway?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Yes…it IS a bird…but it’s also so much more!

You may be wondering why there are birds on a logo design website? Don’t worry! You haven’t accidentally stumbled across an ornithology club. That’s the study of birds. And yes, we had to Google that too.

The Red Kite is a bird of prey found in the milder regions of Europe and North Africa. You’re probably familiar with his brother the Eagle. One of those milder regions of Europe is Scotland, where Chris was born and raised before moving to Australia.

The Red Kite had a bumpy ride in Scotland, becoming extinct in the nineteenth century. It was later reintroduced, doubling in numbers every 4 years since. Today, the Red Kite is going strong and showing no signs of slinking its way back into the history books. A true fighter!

So what better animal to represent a branding agency? Like the Red Kite, any business with the right strategy, and a little fighting spirit, has the capacity to succeed! We apply that mindset and ambition for success in each and every project we take on. If you’d like us to help you to become the next Red Kite success story, get in touch today to chat about your project.

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Meet Chris. Founder of Red Kite Design & lover of all things logo!

Hello! My name is Chris Harris, the founder of Red Kite Design - a professional logo design service and design blog.

Although I work on a wide range of graphic design projects, I specialise in logo design and branding, offering my services to business owners and entrepreneurs around the globe.

I’ve always been passionate about identity design and how, when done well, a new identity system can truly transform a business.

With over 8 years industry experience working both at design agencies in the UK and Australia, and solo as a freelancer, I have a wealth of graphic design and marketing experience under my belt. I am able to offer a wide range of graphic design services, as well as guidance, to help your brand reach its true potential.

If you are interested in a logo design service, or have any other graphic design requirements, please get in touch to see how we can work together.


Logo design blog

Want to learn a little more about what makes a great identity design, or catch up on the latest tips to help your business look its best? Check out our design blog.

August 12, 2019
Why is a logo so important?

Whether you’re a fledgling start-up or a long-standing corporate, investing time and money in a logo design may seem pretty low on the list of priorities. As a new business owner you may be thinking “I have so many factors to consider, do I even need a logo at all?”, or an existing business owner […]

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May 29, 2019
7 Types of Logo & When to Use Them

Choosing the perfect logo for your business is never a simple task. There is no 'one size fits all' solution. Selecting the correct type of logo is an important first step when creating or refreshing your company's identity. To help distinguish between these different types of logos and understand which may be most appropriate for […]

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March 19, 2019
What Makes a Great Logo

What makes some logo designs better than others? At first glance this can sometimes be confusing, and this is because there are often natural misconceptions about exactly what a logo should be. Common assumptions are: a logo should communicate exactly what a business does; it should, above all else, be pretty - after all it […]

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We understand how hard it is to pick the right agency. Here’s what makes us different.



Whatever the size of your business we encourage you to dream big and plan for progress. We are motivated to produce a level of design that will help you realise your goals and set you up for success.



We make it a priority to be available and respond quickly. No frustration trying to track us down, especially at critical moments. Our friendly team is on hand and ready to help.



While our work is in-depth, thorough and high quality, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver on time, every time. We will work with you to ensure your deadlines are never missed.

Personal Service

Personal Service

Right from the beginning, we work in partnership with you. We want you to feel a part of the journey and to be up-to-speed every step of the way.

Straight Talkers


We drop the jargon and speak simply and honestly to give you the best guidance we can regarding the identity for your business. Our goal is to create design you love, but most importantly design that your audience will love too.



We understand that the business landscape is always changing, and that adaption and innovation are key to success. We keep our finger on the pulse to ensure the designs we create and products we offer meet the needs of the modern marketplace.

We offer branding & logo design Australia wide

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