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Below we have compiled a list of some the most commonly asked questions. If you don't find the answer you are looking for, or would simply like a little more information, just click the button below to submit a question of your own, and a member of our team will be in touch.

Logo design questions

How much does logo design cost?

Unfortunately we can't give you a definitive cost for logo design. As no two businesses are the same our logo design projects vary in price depending on the needs and goals of each specific client. 

To receive a quote for the creation of a logo for your business get in touch with our team. We will arrange an initial conversation in order to get a deeper understanding of your business, your needs and the value of your solution. We can then determine a price for your project tailored for your business. 

How long does the logo design process take?

From start to finish we usually allow approximately two weeks to complete a logo design project in its entirety. This timeframe can occasionally vary slightly depending on our workload, which we will notify you of at the beginning of the process, and discuss before any payments are made. The 2 week turnaround is also dependent on response times, and the number of additional changes requested to the final design.

How many logos will I receive?

When logo designs are presented to you there will be three initial concepts which we believe meet your companies objectives. These concepts are created through a thorough and meticulous design process using the information provided in your initial interview. Each logo idea is then benchmarked against our brief and any goals set at the beginning of the project.

After working with you to select the strongest idea from these three, we will refine and finalise this concept, leaving you with one final logo design at the end of the process. After final payment has been received, your new logo files will be sent to you, passing copyright ownership of this final design.

What if I don't like the logo designs I am presented?

The logo designs that we create for you are based on the answers we receive in the interview phase at the beginning of the process. It is important to divulge as much information as you can to give us a clear picture of your company, its objectives and the requirements of the logo we are creating.

When we present our initial concepts we will provide rationale on how we arrived at those ideas, and explain why it is we think they would work for your business. Our decisions are carefully considered and based on what we think will appeal to your target audience, and help you stand out from the competition.

A logo is a functional piece of design, and doesn't always need to be liked by you personally, but should instead perform for your business. We will work with you to create a symbol that achieves the objectives agreed upon at the outset of the project, and include any specific requests you have made us aware of.

At the beginning of the process we ask that 50% payment is made. In the unlikely event that you still dislike the all of the logo designs after revisions are made, you do not need to pay the final amount.

What do I get at the end of the process?

Logo Design - Final Files

At the end of the project you will receive a zip folder containing your new logo in all industry standard file formats and colour profiles, ready for use across everything from print to digital.

Included in your zip folder will be:

File Formats:

  • JPEG - Small file size, perfect for applications such as email signatures.
  • PNG - Lossless compression and transparency supported. Perfect choice for digital and web applications.
  • PDF - Universally recognised vector file format. Useful for redistribution.
  • EPS - Editable, scalable and transparent, this versatile format is perfect for any application, especially print.
  • SVG - Editable, scalable and very small file size. Perfect for web and logo animation.
  • AI - Adobe Illustrator file is the industry standard for easy editing and sharing with other designers.

Colour Profiles:

  • CMYK - Full colour logo. Industry standard for any print materials.
  • RGB - Full colour logo. Industry standard for any on screen applications.
  • PMS - Full colour logo. Highest degree of accuracy for precision printing.
  • Positive Colour Profile - CMYK & RGB versions of your logo in full positive colour profile, for use on light backgrounds.
  • Negative Colour Profile - CMYK & RGB versions of your logo in a negative colour profile. Inverse colours (predominantly white) for use on dark backgrounds.
  • Black Silhouette - A pure black version of your logo is provided, ideal for use on black and white or single colour documents.
  • White Silhouette - An all white version of your logo is provided. Perfect for use over full colour, patterned or photographic backgrounds.

Logo Style Guide

You will receive a full logo style guide branded for your business. This contains the details of your new identity system for use internally, or to distribute to external design agencies in the future. This helps maintain brand consistency wherever your logo is used.

Logo Usage Document

You will also receive a logo usage guide with a more detailed description of the different file formats and colour profiles provided. Using this will help ensure you select the right file for the right application, ensuring your logo is always looking its very best!


What if I want to make changes to my logo design?

If at any point during the design process you feel like you would like to make changes to one of the concepts, just let us know, and we will work with you to come up with a solution that you are happy with. This also applies when we are working to finalise your chosen concept.

After the process is complete, final payment has been made, and final files have been transferred, you may still make changes to your logo design. This however will be charged at an agreed hourly rate (one hour is usually a reasonable timeframe for several small revisions to be made, however can vary depending on the complexity of the design).

Who owns the copyright?

When the final logo design has been signed off, and the last payment has been received, full copyright ownership of your logo will be transferred to you. We only reserve the right to show the logo as part of our portfolio.

Can you animate my logo?

Yes we can! Just ask

Our logos are designed with simplicity and versatility in mind from the outset. This means that in most instances your logo will lend well to animation. 

We work closely with a 3rd party partner to help our clients animate their logos when required. These can be great for use in digital applications such as websites, social media and phone apps. 

* Please be aware that there is an additional cost for logo animation, and this is not included in a standard logo design package. 

Do you do more than just logos?


Your logo is an extremely important asset for your business. But when it comes to creating a brand that your customers will love, the logo is just the tip of the iceberg. 

We offer a full spectrum of branding and graphic design services to help develop your brand identity, such as: 

  • Corporate stationery design (business cards, letterheads, with compliments slips, envelopes etc)
  • Document design (invoices, pdfs, presentations, pitch decks, proposals etc)
  • Marketing collateral (promotional flyers, brochures, ebooks, posters etc)
  • Social media branding (profile images, banners, ads, templates, quotes etc)
  • Signage
  • Packaging
  • Other print materials (menus, stickers, badges, pull-up banners etc)
  • Websites
  • Anything your brand touches! 

* Some projects require collaboration with 3rd party partners.

Branding design questions

How much does branding cost?

There are so many factors to take into consideration when pricing a brand identity project that it’s impossible to put a number on it. To give you a ballpark figure, our branding projects usually run from $3,000 – $10,000+ depending on the level of service required. Get in touch to arrange your free consultation, and we’ll discuss exactly what you need and how much it will cost to create your bespoke brand identity.

How long does a discovery session last?

There’s lots to talk about, so you’ll probably be with us between 2 and 4 hours. How long the discovery session will take depends on things like how many people are in attendance, how established your brand is, and how clear of an idea you have of the final outcomes. We’re super friendly, so we promise chatting to us won’t be scary or boring!

Do I really need branding?

If you want your business to be successful, yes. Branding is an important part of your marketing strategy. By distilling your business into memorable elements tailored to your target audience, you can build brand awareness, develop trust and attract more customers.

Isn’t branding just a logo?

A logo is just one of the ingredients that goes into creating an effective brand identity. By working with Red Kite, you can benefit from a holistic service ensuring that every element of your brand aligns with your business goals and the needs of your customers. From visual aspects like your logo to defining a long-term brand strategy, we’ll tackle everything you need to get your name out there.

How often should I update my branding?

There’s no set rule but it’s always worth assessing your branding every few years to make sure it still aligns with your offering. Businesses are constantly evolving over time; it’s only natural that your branding should change to reflect this. From a minor refresh to a complete overhaul, updating your branding can be a great boost.

Can you create my brand identity from scratch?

Absolutely! Creating brands from the ground up is one of our specialties. As well as working with brand-new startups, we also help established businesses to realign their branding.

Do you offer rebranding services?

We do! If you’ve identified the need for a bit of a change, Red Kite’s brand experts can help you to implement it. Whether you have your own ideas of what you’re looking for, or you’re happy to leave it up to us, we’ll work with you to come up with new ideas that better represent your brand.

Do you provide copywriting services?

As part of our branding service, we can help you to establish your tone of voice, creating clear guidelines that anyone in your business can use to ensure a consistent tone. While we don’t provide copywriting services, we’re happy to introduce you to trusted copywriters who can help you with your project.

Can you create printed materials?

We love digital, but we also love print! Whatever you need, we can create printed materials to support your offline marketing efforts.

Graphic design questions

Why is graphic design important for my business?

Great graphic design helps your business succeed by having an impact on their audience and creating a certain feeling or impression. From existing customers and prospective buyers to competitors and internal stakeholders, everyone who interacts with your business will make decisions based on the visual impact of your marketing collateral, in-store signage, promotional materials and printed media. Carefully considered graphic design helps your business to embody certain traits, engage with an audience and cultivate brand awareness, all of which can help to boost your profits when done right.

I'm not sure what I need. Can you help?

Of course we can! The design industry covers so much that it can all be a little overwhelming. We always start off with a discovery session so we can get to know your business and see what will help you the most. Once we’ve got a clearer picture of how to achieve your business goals through design and branding, we’ll provide you with a free quote. Our brand consultancy service is another great way for us to sit down together and figure out exactly what your business needs to stand out and find greater success.

What does your graphic design service include?

We offer everything you see on this page, and plenty more. Essentially, we can tackle any graphic design work you need. Our graphic designers are able to work in all digital mediums, as well as providing print design services for marketing material of any kind. Get in touch to let us know what you’re planning and we’ll be happy to help. We love a new challenge and we’re always excited to put our skills to the test!

Is your graphic design service customisable?

Every business is unique, so we offer a completely tailored service, allowing our clients to match our services to their business requirements. Whether you just need a new logo design or you’re looking for a complete overhaul of your brand identity, we’ll work flexibly to make sure you get exactly what you want; nothing more, and nothing less. While we do offer a few distinct packages (our logo design packages, for example), the work we do for you is always completely unique to your business goals, target audience and unique brand identity.

How much does it cost?

Every business has a unique set of challenges and deliverables that makes each client completely unlike any other, so we always quote on a per-project basis. If we charged one price for all clients, we wouldn’t be providing the tailored design solutions that businesses need to get great results. Get in touch with us to discuss your project and we’ll provide you with a free quote once we know exactly which of our design services you need.

Do you do graphic design packages?

Our brand identity service is a great way to tackle all your graphic design needs at once. It’s perfect for businesses looking to refresh their visual identity, start-ups who need a complete brand design from scratch, and everything in between. We design across every touchpoint, spanning digital mediums, printed marketing collateral and anything else your brand touches.

What if I want to make a change later?

Providing feedback and requesting amends throughout the project are essential to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for from our graphic design service. Once you’ve signed off the project and settled your invoice, we’ll be happy to make any additional changes for you, but these will be charged at an hourly rate. In some cases, we can provide you with working files so you can make the changes yourself or pass them on to another designer.

Do you do logo design?

Logo design is our specialty! We’ve created hundreds of logos for businesses and organisations of all sizes and industries, each strategically designed to create a great first impression and target a specific audience. To make sure there’s an option for everyone, we offer four logo design packages, as well as completely bespoke projects. If you’d like something more in-depth, we also provide a complete branding package, where we’ll create or update your complete visual identity.

Do you do website design?

We design websites of all shapes, sizes and types. Each website we design is fully responsive, so they look great on mobile devices, and we build with SEO and digital marketing in mind. However, as a graphic design service, we focus on the visual side of web design, working with trusted partners who will take care of things like coding and hosting on our behalf.

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