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Chris Harris - Creative Director
Creative Director | Founder

Chris Harris

Lee Wallis - Head of Growth
Head of Marketing & Growth

Lee Wallis

Ally Harris - Admin & Accounts
Admin & Accounts

Ally Harris

Ash Pickering - Senior Graphic Designer
Senior Graphic Designer

Ash Pickering

Claire Baldwin - Copywriter

Claire Baldwin

Bright Opemiposi - Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer

Bright Opemiposi

Creative Director | Founder

Chris Harris

Introducing Chris, the man of many nicknames, our founder, and chief branding guru here at Red Kite. To Brits, he goes by Haggis, while Aussies affectionately refer to him as Haggo. And for those who knew him from his time as a ski-bum in Canada, he’s known simply as Macca. It’s a wonder he’s able to keep up with all his different personas!

Chris has a passion for travel, having completed three gap years and visited over 40 countries across multiple continents. He’s always on the lookout for inspiration to infuse into his design process, but when he’s not busy creating stunning visual identities for our clients, you’ll find him exploring the great outdoors, spotting wildlife, running himself ragged on a soccer pitch or indulging in extreme sports.

Born in Scotland, Chris moved to England at the age of 13 before eventually settling in Australia with his wife (whom he met during his ski season in Canada) in 2016. It was his passion for brand identity design that led him to start Red Kite in 2019. Since then, he’s been pushing his boundaries and raising the bar for his design abilities and expertise he can offer our clients. So, if you’re ever in need of a branding superhero, you know who to call. Just don’t be surprised if he answers to a different name!

Nickname:Haggis / Haggo / Macca

Spirit Animal:Red Squirrel 🐿️

In Another Life, I'd Be:Ski & Scuba Instructor

Special Skill:Losing Possessions

Favourite Film:Braveheart (Freeedom!)

Head of Marketing & Growth

Lee Wallis

At Red Kite, LeeMate™ does a bit of everything. From design to coding, branding to marketing, client workshops to crafting the right messaging, along with ensuring the day-to-day business operations run smoothly - he does it all! His diverse range of talents makes him an invaluable member of the team. (Disclaimer: he made us include that last sentence.)

While he may be a self-proclaimed introvert, you can easily get him talking by whispering a single magical word... "Bitcoin". Whenever that word is uttered near him, he'll start rambling for hours about how it's going to change all of our lives. But, he's also a good listener – especially when it comes to listening to podcasts. Whether it's the impending collapse of the global financial system, the imminent alien invasion, the power of psychedelics, or the latest health fad, Lee's always exploring the strangest of topics.

When he's not busy helping Red Kite rebrand Australia one logo at a time, Lee can be found exploring the great outdoors, jumping in a cold plunge, listening to a podcast or trying to fight off his Twitter addiction. So if you need a Bitcoin sales pitch, a podcast recommendation, or just someone to share an ice bath with, LeeMate™ is your guy.


Favourite Film:Slumdog Millionaire

In Another Life, I'd Be:Animator at Pixar

Passionate About:Bitcoin, 🛸 UFO's, Cold Plunges, 🃏 Poker

Spirit Animal:Honey Badger 🦡

Admin & Accounts

Ally Harris

Meet Ally, our organisational dynamo and administrative marvel from the scenic shores of Burnie on the North West coast of Tasmania. Originally trained as a teacher, she has spent over a decade shaping young minds both in Australia and the UK. She has also traveled the world, including living in Ireland for six months and enjoying a thrilling ski season in Whistler, Canada, where she crossed paths with our business founder, Chris (her now husband).

After her globetrotting escapades, Ally settled in Brisbane, establishing roots and joining in helping Chris grow his branding agency. In her current role, she takes charge of administrative and accounts responsibilities, ensuring the smooth functioning of the business. Her exceptional organisational skills are an invaluable asset, the perfect Ying to Chris's occasionally disorganised but highly creative Yang!

When she's not keeping the team organised, Ally embraces an active lifestyle. She loves playing touch rugby, wielding a tennis racket with finesse, and embarking on hikes in the Brissy hinterland. As a mother of two, aged 4 and 1, she cherishes time with her boys, loving nothing more than a family bike ride or a weekend away camping. Hanging out by the ocean and spending time at the beach is her favourite place to be.

Ally's vibrant personality, knack for organisation, and extensive experience make her an invaluable member of our team. With her meticulous attention to detail and administrative prowess, she keeps our agency running like a well oiled creative machine!


Spirit Animal:Tasmanian Devil

In Another Life, I’d Be:Broadway Performer 🎭

Special Skill:Breaking electronic devices with a single touch 👆

Favourite Film:Interstellar

Senior Graphic Designer

Ash Pickering

Ash is our Yorkshire design dynamo and an integral part of our creative team. His journey to Red Kite began with a memorable ski season in Canada, where he struck up a lifelong friendship with Chris, our founder, and his now-wife, Ally.

With 12+ years of experience as a senior designer, Ash is a versatile powerhouse. From brand and UI design to 3D modelling, illustration, and animation, he is our creative ninja.

Fuelling his creativity is an unquenchable thirst for snow and adventure. Ash has lived in various countries, including Canada and Japan, freelancing and refining his skills along the way. His finger is always on the pulse of the latest creative technologies.

Ash's strategic, creative, and technical prowess combines to unravel tough client challenges. He loves surprising and delighting with fresh ideas and flawless execution, making design and strategic thinking a formidable duo. And let's not forget his coffee addiction – it's his creative fuel and a great way to spark his brainstorming sessions.

In summary, Ash is the mastermind behind some of our most captivating concepts, an outdoor adventure enthusiast, and a design extraordinaire!


Spirit Animal:Mountain Goat 🐐

In Another Life, I'd Be:Park Ranger

Special Skill:Slapping the bass

Favourite Film:Toy Story


Claire Baldwin

Claire is Red Kite’s copywriter of choice, having supported us since 2021. She worked with Chris at a digital marketing agency in the UK before he made Australia his permanent home and set up his own business. Apparently, leaving agencies to set up your own business is contagious, as Claire has been working as a freelance copywriter since 2017. Unfortunately, she’s been doing it from a much less exciting location!

Based in Nottingham in the UK, Claire has developed her skills in time zone juggling as well as content wrangling while working with Red Kite. Clearly the quality of her work outweighs the minor inconvenience of sharing almost zero working hours between the two countries, as Chris has called on her for numerous projects over the years, covering website copywriting, tagline creation, brand messaging and more.

Words have always been her biggest passion. Ever since she was little, Claire could be found with a pad of paper writing her latest story, poem or novel, which led to a BA and MA in Creative Writing, followed by hands-on digital marketing and copywriting experience on both the agency and client side.

When she’s not trawling for that one exact word she’s thinking of but can’t bring to mind, Claire spends her time reading, watching movies, learning Japanese, hitting up the gym, and tending to the demanding needs of her miniature schnauzer, William.


Spirit Animal:Beaver

In Another Life, I'd Be:Egyptologist 🏺

Special Skill:Sending emails without the attachment

Favourite Film:(500) Days of Summer

Graphic Designer

Bright Opemiposi

Believe it or not, Bright is actually a qualified attorney – but he left the courtroom behind to focus on his true passion: design.

He's also very passionate about creating solutions to social problems - both on individual and collective scales, and one of the great ways he expresses that is through design!

Bright stumbled into the world of design a few years back out of pure curiosity. It all started with a roommate in college who was being paid for his design skills. Bright didn't care about the money – instead, he saw design as an outlet for expressing his creativity while studying law. With a few pointers from his roommate, he dove headfirst into the world of design and never looked back.

When he's not busy crafting beautiful design, Bright is a devoted husband and father to his three-year-old son, Charis. He's also a loyal Manchester United fan, and he'll stick with them through thick and thin (no matter how badly they're losing!)

Bright dreams of one day visiting India and South Korea and experiencing all the unique sights and sounds those countries have to offer. And who knows – maybe one day, he'll even teach law again (but don't count on it!)

Nickname:Bright (His name is cool enough)

In Another Life, I'd Be:Therapeutic Psychologist

Special Skill:His melodious singing voice 🎙️

Favourite Film:The Old Guard

Favourite Team:Manchester United ⚽


Our core values

We’re committed to helping business owners to achieve commercial success through goal-orientated graphic design and branding. Of course, it’s easy to just say that; we achieve it by sticking to our core values at every step of the process.


When you entrust us with your brand identity, you’re putting your reputation in our hands. We fully respect the importance of the work that we do for you, and we’ll treat your brand as if it were our own. That means putting your needs first and listening to what you have to say.

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The ever-changing nature of the marketing industry means that it’s important to always be on your toes. We’re constantly immersing ourselves in the latest tools, techniques and trends, all backed by nearly a decade of industry experience.

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We love helping businesses to learn more about themselves, developing new approaches to capture the imagination and create a loyal customer base. It’s our job to take your ideas and run with them, and nothing gets us excited quite like the prospect of a new challenge.

Straight Talkers


Hiring experts shouldn’t mean having your ideas ignored. We work collaboratively with our clients, always keeping them in the loop and ensuring that their needs are met. And if you’re ever not sure about something, we’re happy to explain it or discuss other options with you.

Honesty Icon


We’re not here to make a quick buck; we’re here to support you. We pride ourselves on being completely honest at all times, from setting achievable deadlines to defining the scope of your project. The best way to achieve your goals is to work with you as a partnership.



We love logos. We love branding. We love design. We’re excited to come into work every day and help businesses to learn more about themselves and their position in the market, developing new approaches to capture the imagination and create a loyal customer base.

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