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Inspire and engage your customers with a unique brand identity

Creating a unique personality is one of the strongest ways for your brand to gain recognition and encourage engagement from customers.

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What is brand strategy?

A brand strategy is a considered approach to attracting the right customers and positioning your products and services within your market.

From choosing your business name to the design of your logo, each element is a step towards creating a personality and atmosphere that appeals to your target market. Whether you’re pivoting your brand to focus on new territories or simply looking to distinguish yourself from your competitors, defining a brand strategy will help you to find greater success.


Why do I need one?

Just like any other part of your business, strategy helps you to define goals, create a roadmap and monitor your progress.

Instead of following a hunch or throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks, a brand strategy allows you to align your visual identity with your business goals. Just like with sales or marketing, putting in the work to plan and execute a results-driven strategy will yield better outcomes.

Your Complete Brand


What makes up your brand identity

Your brand isn’t just your logo and colour palette; it encompasses every touchpoint your customers experience on their journey with you. To create a truly cohesive brand identity, you need to consider each one of these individual elements and how they fit into the narrative as a whole.
Discover Session

Discovery & Strategy

Your branding is who you are, so we need to get to know you first. We start our relationship with an in-depth discovery session to get to the heart of your business on the Gold Coast, its customers and services. This helps us to create a clear strategy that we can use to ensure that your branding aligns with your business goals.


Clear, consistent messaging is just as big a part of your brand design as your visual appearance. From ensuring that your tone of voice resonates with your target audience to carefully portraying your brand in a certain way, these are the words that you use to define yourself.
Identity Design

Visual Identity Design

It’s not enough to have eye-catching visuals that set you apart from your competitors or make your brand instantly recognisable. It’s also important to make sure they are relevant and appropriate for your industry, while presenting a consistent identity across all digital and print media.
These are just some of the examples of how we can help your business on the Gold Coast to create a complete brand identity to achieve your goals.

Discovery session

We get to know your business

First of all, we’ll get to know your business on the Gold Coasoat through an in-depth discovery session. Over the course of a few hours, we’ll work through multiple exercises that will help us to better understand your business and its unique goals. Of course, we’ll also delve into your competitors and industry landscape to give us a better idea of your future plans.

We’ll look at:
  • Your business offering & what makes you unique
  • Identify your customers & their needs
  • Who your competitors are
  • Your goals for the future
Brand Strategy
Brand Messaging


Speak with confidence

People put their faith in your brand when they choose you, and clear, consistent messaging is an integral part of creating trust. From developing customer relationships and creating an atmosphere to simply explaining what you have to offer, the messaging that you put your name to is an extremely important marketing tool.

We’ll help your Gold Coast business to:

  • Identify your audience needs
  • Define your brand positioning
  • Create tone of voice guidelines
  • Develop your mission statement


We make your brand unforgettable

We’ll put together a complete branding package for you, whether that’s starting from scratch or reworking an existing identity. From designing an instantly recognisable logo to providing guidance on font choice, photography and colours, we’ll give you all the tools you need to ensure that your brand is consistent and unforgettable.

We’ll create a brand that:
  • Is unique and memorable
  • Stands out against competitor
  • Upholds your ambitions and objectives
  • Performs well in both digital and printed media
Logo Design Portfolio


Branding Case Study: TrussCorp

TrussCorp approached Red Kite requiring a strategic rebrand of their full identity system. Starting with their logo design, and continuing through every touch point of their entire identity, this fresh approach completely revitalised their marketing strategy and digital presence. Using creative design our brand strategists helped them focus their brand to form a clean, clear, modern and cohesive identity that connects with their target audience.

Tell us about your business and work with the best branding agency the Gold Coast has to offer!

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We can create everything your brand needs

As well as creating a complete brand guidelines document for your identity, we can also provide you with the essential assets you need to make sure your brand is consistent across all touchpoints, both online and off.
Business Card Design

Business Cards

Even in the digital age, business cards are a great way to create a memorable impression and share your contact information.

Corporate Stationery Design

Corporate Stationery

Direct mail is still a huge part of business. Branded letterheads generate trust, as well as clearly displaying your company details.

Document Design

Document Design

Branded document templates offer a consistent and professional appearance to customers and internal stakeholders alike.

Social Media Materials Design

Social Media Kit

We can put together a set of social media assets for internal use, including icons, header images and templates for graphics.

Signage Design


From retail environments to corporate settings, branded signage is a great way to create a sense of identity within the 3D space.

Website Design

Website Design

Your website is your brand’s storefront, and it’s important to make sure that your online branding is professional and consistent.

These are just a few examples of the graphic design materials we can create for your business. Our brand design service can produce anything your brand needs, so if you don't see what you need above, just ask!


Harness the power of branding & graphic design to advance your marketing strategy

If you’re not getting the sales you’d like for your Gold Coast business, it’s important to take a step back to figure out what could be contributing to the problem. It can be hard to identify the weak points of your marketing efforts, and one area that is often overlooked is brand identity.

Your business’ unique identity is its biggest selling point, but not all brands make the effort to harness its power. Whatever your industry, you’re far from the only person offering those products and services to your target market. By tailoring how you look, what you say and what you do, to their passions, preferences and pain points, you can better attract and retain customers.

Red Kite’s team of experienced brand identity specialists know how to distill the unique elements that make up your brand and turn them into a complete brand identity strategy designed to get you results.

Whether you’re a brand-new startup based on the Gold Coast or an established business looking for a refreshed identity, we can help you to align your visuals, tone of voice and brand promise with your target audience and business goals. We’ve been strategically building brands for over a decade, so we understand the importance of a considered creative approach to boost your marketing strategy.

If you’d like to put your brand in the hands of the best branding agency the Gold Coast has to offer, just get in touch. We’d love a good chat!

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STILL HAVE A FEW questions?

Read our FAQs

How much does branding cost?

The eternal question! As each client is completely unique, it’s impossible to put a single figure on the cost of brand identity design. We don’t believe in selling people things they don’t need, so we tailor every service to the specific needs of each client. That’s not the most helpful of answers, so to give you a ballpark figure, our branding projects usually run from $3,000 – $10,000+ depending on the level of service required. Get in touch to arrange a free consultation, and we’ll figure it out together.

How long does a discovery session last?

The length of the session depends on lots of factors, like how many people attend the meeting, how established your existing brand is, and what you’re looking to achieve. You can expect to spend between 2 and 4 hours chatting with us, but it’s nothing to be scared about—we’re a friendly bunch!

Do I really need branding?

A strong brand identity helps to define your business, making it clear to your customers who you are, what you do, and what they can expect from you. Branding is an essential investment in any marketing strategy, and helps to generate long-term results by building relationships, promoting brand loyalty and making sure you stand out from the competition.

Isn’t branding just a logo?

Not at all! While a logo is one of the most clear-cut aspects of a brand identity, it’s far from the only element. We’ll help you to define a comprehensive identity for your brand. Covering everything from your website design and colour palette to your tone of voice and company ethos. All of this adds up to a long-term brand strategy tailored to your business goals.

How often should I update my branding?

Design trends are constantly changing, so it’s important to assess your branding every few years to keep up with the times. If your branding is outdated compared to your competitors, you could be seen as less professional or offering a lesser service. You don’t need to completely overhaul your brand each time; a bit of a shine and polish can do wonders!

Can you create my brand identity from scratch?

Yes we can, and we love to! Building an entire brand identity from the ground up is one of the most exciting things we do at Red Kite, as it allows us to really flex our creative muscles. Even if you have no idea what you’re looking for, we’ll work with you to find inspiration and craft something unique just for you.

Do you offer rebranding services?

Absolutely! Whether you’re just looking for a more modern twist on your existing brand, or you’d like to completely change your look and feel to target a new audience, we know exactly which elements to keep to ensure brand recognition, and which to switch out for something more effective.

Do you provide copywriting services?

While we don’t provide in-house copywriting services, we can help you to establish a tone of voice for your brand’s written content. We’ll then provide you with comprehensive guidelines, which you can pass on to your copywriting team.

Can you create printed materials?

Yep! We have the best industry contacts to allow us to turn your carefully crafted brand identity into an offline work of art.

Do you only work with businesses on the Gold Coast?

We’re proud to support local businesses in Australia, offering expert brand identity and strategy services to the Gold Coast and beyond. Our flexible approach means we can work with just about any business, in any city—or even any country! If you’re looking for a branding agency to take your business to the next level, look no further.

    Highly recommend investing in a professional service like Chris' - worth every penny

    After trying several designers that weren't quite hitting the mark, I was so happy I was referred to Chris. He was the first one who took the time to pick up a call and get a solid understanding of what I was looking to achieve, communicated openly and professionally throughout the whole process and worked efficiently to get a beautiful job done in only a couple of weeks. And that's with my slow responses as I couldn't decide what I liked, due to everything he produced being fabulous. Not a bad problem to have lol. Highly recommend investing in a professional service like Chris' - worth every penny.

    Carina - Carina Chirila Fitness
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    I really enjoyed working with Chris and would highly recommend him to others

    A big thank you to Chris for all of his hard work, guidance, support and patience. I came to him with a small vision and he really ran with it and went above and beyond. Chris made the whole process run smoothly and nothing was too much trouble. I really enjoyed working with Chris and would highly recommend him to others.

    Lauren - Little Generation
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    Working with Chris has been a pleasure and the results are spectacular

    TrussCorp employed the services of RedKite to help us with a complete re-brand of all our material over the last six months. Working with Chris has been a pleasure and the results are spectacular. We could not recommend him more highly. His skill, creativity and speed are all amazing and he couldn't be more accommodating or helpful.

    Rob - TrussCorp
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