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Stand out from the competition with a Red Kite logo design or identity package. Our team will ensure your brand identity not only looks great, but is the perfect fit for your business, and your unique set of requirements.

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What is branding?

Whilst a logo is an important building block in creating a brand identity, in the eye of your consumers, your brand identity is a collection of every tangible asset that they encounter, from social media to signage. It is the sum of these elements that really creates your identity. 

Investing in a strategically designed, consistent, and unique brand identity, is a golden opportunity to develop a memorable image that sets you apart from your competition.

RKD Brand Example


Why is branding so important?

Your brand identity is what makes you instantly recognisable, it is what enables you to resonate with your target audience, and it sets you apart from your competitors. When done well, a strong brand identity can make you identifiable in seconds, even without your logo and brand name on display! Here are a few famous examples…

See if you can identify these well known brand identities from the past. Hover over an image to see if you got it right.

Brand identity hint: Bright colours, fun, family friendly
Brand identity hint: Powerful, inspirational, dynamic, dramatic
Brand identity hint: Bold & vivid colours, youthful, attitude, confidence


We create brands that are strategically designed to tick all the right boxes

It is a common misconception that a businesses identity is determined solely by their logo. We make sure your identity ticks all the boxes. Not just box number one.

Strong Logo

Strong & appropriate logo

The first and arguably most important building block for any strong brand identity is a strategically designed, appropriate logo. We start by creating you the perfect logo using our thorough six step logo design process, ensuring a strong foundation on which to build your brand identity.

Unique Style

Unique & memorable style

As well as a strong logo, it is important we develop a style that is unique to your business. This style is what really sets you apart and helps your audience identify your brand. Use of cleverly combined colours, fonts, patterns, shapes, photography, and many other elements, are all important pieces of your brands puzzle.


Consistent & recognisable material

Armed with your beautiful new logo and unique style, we will redesign everything your brand touches from digital to print materials. This level of detail ensures every element of your identity is consistent, recognisable, and clearly pinpoints your business.

Tagret Audience

Tailored to your audience

There is no one size fits all solution to developing a strong brand. Every businesses identity should convey a unique message that resonates with their target audience. We take the time to get to know you and your clientele, ensuring our final designs not only look great, but your customers think so too.

We offer branding & identity design Brisbane wide.

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How do we create your identity

At Red Kite, we make it easy to get the ball rolling on a logo or identity design project of your own. Your business will be looking better than ever in no time!


Your perfect logo

Often the first impression you will make on a potential customer is your logo. We will design you a logo that is simple, memorable, versatile and timeless.


Fonts, colours & form

Typography, colour and form say a lot about your brand. We create a style that embodies your business, communicating the right message at all times.

Digital Identity

Digital identity

With the world continually trending towards digital communication it is more important than ever to look great online. We make sure that you do!

Branding Kit

Print materials

From corporate stationery and advertising collateral, to menus and signage, it is essential to stay consistent with your identity. We make sure everything stays on-brand.

Design Materials

Custom design collateral

Whatever your business, whoever your audience, and however you communicate with them, we will create an identity that suits your unique requirements.

Style Guide

Brand style guide

To ensure your new brand identity remains clear and consistent in the future, we create you a custom style guide, branded for your business.


Why does my business
need a brand style guide?

At the end of every brand identity project we like to provide you with a custom designed style guide, branded for your business. This tangible asset is a multi-page document including every aspect of your new identity in great detail.

Using this document both in-house, and when working with external agencies, ensures that any design materials created in the future remain clear, consistent and 100% on-brand.

Style Guide Example


Case Study: TrussCorp

TrussCorp approached Red Kite requiring a strategic rebrand of their full identity system, starting with their logo design, and continuing through every touch point of their entire identity. We helped them focus their brand to form a clean, clear, modern and cohesive identity that connects with their target audience.

We offer branding & identity design Brisbane wide.

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We understand how hard it is to pick the right agency. Here’s what makes us different.

Goal Orientated

Goal orientated

Whatever the size of your business, we encourage you to dream big. Your new brand identity will be underpinned by your business goals and audience needs, helping to drive success and unlock your next exciting chapter.



We offer a reliable service that puts your needs first. Our work is of the highest standard, and we take pride in delivering it on time, every time. You’ll never struggle to get hold of us; we’re always just a phone call away.

Personal Service


Right from the beginning, we work in partnership with you. You are an integral part of your brand, so getting to know you and your business helps us to design a brand strategy that reflects your personality and captures what’s really important.

Straight Talkers


We hate jargon just as much as you do. In all our communications, we try our best to speak simply and just get to the point. It’s our job to distill the complexities of branding into everyday language that gets you excited about the end result.



The business landscape is always changing, and adaptation and innovation are key to success. We keep our finger on the pulse to ensure the designs we create and products we offer meet the needs of the modern marketplace.



When it comes to keeping our clients happy, the extra mile simply isn’t far enough. We value the trust that our clients place in us, and we’ll always endeavour to make that investment worthwhile. We love what we do, and we want you to love it too.

We offer branding & logo design Australia wide

Does your business need a new identity?

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