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Unruly Apparel

Unruly had a vision to revolutionise the traditionalism of British cricket apparel. They needed a brand that could make it happen. 


'Custom Type'

For Unruly Apparel we created its very own custom typeface

As a fashion brand we thought it even more important than usual to create a symbol that was truly unique from the rest, and the best way to guarantee this was to start from scratch. 

Logo Design for Unruly

Unruly Apparel is the new business venture for sports enthusiast and ex-cricket coach Jamie Dickinson. Based in Nottingham, England, Unruly Apparel is a start up clothing company whose roots began in the Nottinghamshire county cricket leagues. 

Cricket is a sport steeped in traditionalism. The cricket whites donned by batsman and bowlers worldwide have barely changed in centuries, and whilst Jamie enjoyed the history of the game, he saw a gap in the market for gear that better suited the new generation of sportsmen and woman playing away from the convention of the professional game. 

Jamie approached Red Kite Design looking for a logo design that could represent a clothing brand wanting to make waves in the market with a fresh, unique and youthful approach to time-honoured traditional cricket gear. 

The goal was to develop a symbol for the brand that resonated with young buyers looking for something modern and different, whilst not alienating the traditionalists. We also wanted to keep it gender neutral, and create something both men and women would be proud to wear.  

Creating an Unruly Brand

For any business a logo is important. For a clothing company it is essential in communicating the right narrative to your target audience and creating a symbol that a potential buyer feels represents themselves when they wear it. 

The word 'Unruly' means to disrupt, breaking from the norm and refusing to conform to the rules. We wanted to convey this by creating a logo design at odds with the average sports brand, and a far cry from the traditional cricket emblems. 

We explored various avenues but settled on the use of simple geometric shapes to create a logotype of the word 'Unruly'. Breaking the word over two lines symbolises breaking from convention, whilst sitting nicely on the breast of any garment. Using simple and uniform lettering also means the logo is very versatile and could, when required, sit on one line, such as down a sweater arm. 

The final nod to disruption is a play on the word 'ruled', referring to straight lines. To support our image of unruliness we made sure every letter was made up of smooth curves

The final result is a very clean and stylised logo. A modern emblem for a sports brand wanting to make a statement. It's simplicity keeps it neutral and versatile, allowing it to appeal to the widest audience whilst sitting on any style of garment with ease and finesse.

Jamie Dickinson

As a start-up sports fashion business of which the success relied on the impact of its brand, Unruly Apparel owes its achievements to Chris Harris and his artistic vision and ability.

From the outset, Chris was unbelievably engaged and dedicated in dealing with myself, a fastidious business owner to inspire, develop and deliver the amazing logo and associated branding now synonymous with Unruly Apparel. From concept to final design Chris worked tirelessly to develop the appropriate imagery and overall brand identity, constantly challenging the traditional and just understanding very quickly where I
wanted the project to go. Chris manages to put on screen and in print the most fluid of ideas. The only difference is, he took our loose concept refined it, defined it and made my idea the best it could ever be.



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