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Thermo Slider

This family business started from humble beginnings but soon    required an iconic symbol to represent their popular products.  


Blogger Sans

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The smooth curves and soft edges of the Blogger Sans font made it the perfect match for our fluid icon. A sans serif font married well with the minimalistic nature of the logo, whilst appealing to the young primarily female demographic of our target market.  

Logo Design for Thermo Slider

Thermo Slider is an innovative new business in the cookware market, and the brainchild of Tasmanian mother of three, Kristy Burrows. Based in Australia's Apple Isle, Thermo Slider began in the home of Kristy and her husband Martin, producing unique accessories for the hugely popular cooking appliance, the Thermomix.

Owning a Thermomix themselves, they loved the product, but noticed a few flaws which were letting it down slightly; it's weight, manoeuvrability and susceptibility to damage. The Thermo Slider sits underneath the device, allowing you to glide the 8kg appliance across your kitchen top with ease. It also prevents the feet from being damaged which are essential for the scales to function effectively.

After sharing their invention with friends and family, Kristy found that others were just as frustrated with these flaws, and their creation was now in high demand.

Thermo Slider approached Red Kite looking for a modern and relatable logo design that would provide legitimacy to their home business, allowing them the potential to push for sales nationwide.

Designing the Logo

As a new business, the goal of the logo was to present Thermo Slider with the confidence of a long standing and reputable company, like Thermomix itself. We wanted our logo design to be instantly recognisable as an associated accessory, with a fresh and modern aesthetic that would appeal to the young adults who make up a large portion of their target market.

During the design process we experimented with a few different directions, but decided the best way of creating that instant recognition was to use the iconic shape of the appliance itself to produce a simplified and unique symbol. The geometric curvature that makes up the left hand side of the logo symbolises the gliding motion when the Thermo Slider is in use. Their unique selling point.

The final result is a clean, clear and contemporary logo, with a youthful feel, that looks great when applied to packaging and marketing material of any kind. We are confident that consumers will be drawn to this new identity knowing they are investing in a product that is of great quality.

Kristy Burrows

Chris' skills in creating a really professional look for my business has improved my sales dramatically. 

He designed a logo that was so well suited to our brand, showing my customers that my product is linked to the well loved Thermomix, and all about movement. Marketing my products has been made so easy.

I can't thank Chris enough for putting so much thought and effort into the branding of my business, not to mention his efficient and friendly nature making this a very pleasurable and fun experience. 



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