Release The Kraken

The team at RTK had built a great concept for a new strategy card game but needed the brand & visuals to bring it to life.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Agreloy was our font of choice for this nautical themed project. It's curved tentacle like accents were the perfect pairing for the Kraken emblem. The decorative nature and blocky style made it a fun choice in keeping with the game, but would still be clear and easy to read.

Building the RTK Brand

Release The Kraken is the super fun, highly competitive and downright devious strategy card game from the team over at Kraken Creative. 

We were approached by the guys with a concept for a great new game which they plan to launch on Kickstarter. They had spent months fine tuning the gameplay and planning their campaign, but they felt the look they had put together themselves didn't quite do their creation the justice it deserved. 

Our goal was first to come up with an identity for the project. A unique emblem that embodied the concept and tone of the game, and would stand out from the hoards of other boardgames now available in the shops. 

Once we had a great logo locked down, we were then set the task to completely refresh the look of the game and campaign itself. This included a deck of 200+ cards, a rulebook, marketing material, social media assets  and more. 

Releasing The Kraken

This was a really fun project for our team to work on. Not only did we get to put together fun and exciting concepts, we also got the chance to beta test this great new game over and over again! 

When starting to pull ideas together we knew we wanted to draw on as many nautical references as possible, but to keep the look fresh and modern at the same time. The style we settled on was the use of contemporary flat graphics that are clutter free and easy to digest at a glance. 

The Kraken emblem itself uses this same style, its twisted limbs around the typography giving the impression it has risen from the deep to drag the sign back to its watery lair. The blues used for the kraken are only subtly different from the background to keep the feel of a shadowy silhouette, bringing the focus to its evil looking eyes and back to the name itself. 

RTK now has a unique and vibrant persona that matches the tone of the game itself. Together with the Kraken Creative team we have fine tuned a brand identity that we have full confidence will take Kick Starter by storm. We look forward to seeing this ground breaking concept on the shelves soon! 

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