Brisbane based start-up, MDX, was gearing up to remodel the automotive auction market & in need of a symbol to suit. 



The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Rajdhani's slightly compressed feel and elongated lettering gives it a futuristic feel which we felt fitted well with the MDX brand. A clean sans serif font pairs well with the modern 'X' symbol, keeping the logo contemporary and professional. 

A New Look for a New Idea

MDX is a new business based in Brisbane, Australia and co-founded by entrepreneur Jesse Mullen. Jesse's vision was to create Australia's first wholesale marketplace for motor dealers. Dealerships can trade stock internally, or within a national dealer network.

Trading wholesale in Australia is time consuming, expensive and filled with risk. MDX gives dealerships direct access to get the best possible prices in the shortest possible time. MDX is the fastest, safest and most profitable way to buy and sell wholesale in Australia.

The MDX team approached Red Kite Design in the initial stages of starting the business having decided to change the company name and focus on a dealer only service.

The goal of this new identity was to convey a modern, memorable and knowledgeable appearance, communicating the trust and professionalism that a car dealership would desire when researching such a service.

Designing a Logo for MDX

As a start-up business it was important for our new identity to present as credible and trustworthy from day one. The best way to do this is to portray the characteristics of a well established organisation within your industry, whilst differentiating yourself from your competition.

The most successful big players within the automotive industry use badges and symbols which are simple, confident and timeless, so the goal was to create a mark that would fit well with this style, giving their target audience that immediate feeling of familiarity.

When developing ideas for this logo design we experimented with symbols which looked and felt like a car badge. The loop around the 'X' draws on the universal symbol for trade, the arrows in a cycle. The letter 'X' was chosen as the key focus of the logo as 'Xchange' is the most important identifier as to the service the business offers, and the decision to drop the letter 'E' makes this a unique element of the companies identity.

The final solution is simple and modern, positioning MDX as an instantly credible player within the automotive industry. Keeping the logo design unique but uncomplicated allows for a timeless solution that can be effortlessly applied to any application that may be required.

Jesse Mullen

Chris took the time to carefully listen to our needs and provided a multi stage solution that enabled us to hone in on the ideal logo. 

By the end we were extremely pleased with the brand he had created for us and Chris' patience throughout the process.



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